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We believe people work best when they have all the right data.

Datasee.AI was started to serve one purpose – make the power of big data and artificial intelligence easily accessible for every business, at every stage of their operational cycle. With our image analytics platform, businesses can digitize their assets with a single pane for all teams, avoid operational and organizational silos, mitigate risks, and increase profitability. While predominantly used by players in the renewable energy and farming sectors, our team is working to expand our capabilities across multiple industries. At Datasee.AI, we use cutting-edge technology to minimize human errors.

Vision Statement

To be the market leader in Enterprise AI through precise Visual Analytics.

Mission Statement

To drive increased profitability for our customers by adopting the best industry practices coupled with AI.

Datasee.Ai in Action

The team that makes us extraordinary

The team that makes us extraordinary

The Datasee.AI team includes a diverse array of agile and innovative individuals from across the globe, each bringing myriad perspectives to the table and always working towards a common goal. We aim to retain this aspect of work culture even as we scale unprecedented heights.

Meet the team

  • Expert in Image Processing & Enterprise Workflow
  • IISc alumnus specialized in multi-disciplinary engg
Bhaskar Raghunathan
Founder & CEO
  • Actility, Openwave, Synchronoss
  • Global Mobile Internet Expert
  • Advisor At Avtaar Ventures
Mike Mulica
  • AT&T, Alcatel-lucent, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • IoT, Cloud/Edge
  • Global Business Expansion
Larryi Ding
Managing Director
  • Oracle, Blue Yonder, Deloitte
  • CFO for High Growth Companies
  • Forbes Technology Council
Michael Levine

Business Advisory Team

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Angel Investor
Greg Welch
Founder & CEO - Rize Modular
  • Solar PV Expert
  • Author Of IEC Standards
Dr. Jyotirmoy Roy
CEO Of Green-enco
  • Chief architect - Finacle (Infosys)
  • Serial Entrepreneur
Paddy D
Founder & CEO of Heal Software Inc.

Here’s what our clients have to say

We’re thoroughly loving this swift data turnaround time, efficient reporting system, and always on-time delivery. The overall data flow from acquisition to delivery has become utterly seamless with Datasee.Ai, and it has helped us plan our deadlines as well!

The team behind Datasee.AI has this incredible ability to perceive complex requirements and promptly build any custom features that we require. They are without doubt influential experts in their respective domains.

The reports are 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Plus, the platform comes loaded with other features. The team also never fails to listen to and act on feedback making Datasee.Ai one of our trusted partners.

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I'm a cool paragraph that lives inside of an even cooler modal. Wins!