Datasee.AI automates every stage of infrastructure management in a single pane. Here’s why that matters.

Companies that build assets spend a lot of money on their creations. Trillions of dollars have been poured into infrastructure assets since the industrial revolution. Many more millions are being spent on developing project or asset management software that is generally use-case specific. One issue that is often overlooked is the cost of poor infrastructure management brought about by siloed processes.

Smart asset management requires an end-to-end approach that continuously tracks, monitors, and addresses issues across each stage of the assets’ lives – from ideation to operations and maintenance. This article discusses how businesses can leverage automation and AI to effectively bring complex workflows onto a single platform.

AI-powered visual analytics for the enterprise lifecycle

Companies benefit from high fidelity visuals on a platform that analyzes and deciphers big data to provide actionable, site-specific insights. The following are a few ways in which Datasee.AI delivers those visuals derived through proprietary AI/ML to solve business problems:

  • Accurate Digital Representation of Physical Assets

Datasee.AI creates a realistic, interactive, digital representation of your physical assets. With newer drone technologies changing the visual analytics game, we have partnered with certified and experienced drone pilots across the globe to help businesses capture exact data. Companies also have the option to upload their own imaging data to the platform without having to rely solely on our drone partners. 

  • In-depth Geo-informatics and Visualizations

The Datasee.AI platform uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mapping systems to generate centimeter-level accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), and Slope Maps. Businesses no longer have to manually measure their project site and eyeball their terrain maps. They spend less time replicating digital designs and revisions. 

  • Compare CAD and As-Built

In the construction module, teams can overlay CAD drawings on the construction site and easily ascertain deviations in terms of location, size of parts and features, as well as all AOIs (Areas of Interest). Critical installation location errors can be geo-marked, annotated, and reported live to the on-site team. Thus, the platform accomplishes near-real-time comparison between as-built vs CAD, ensuring higher construction quality and reduced cost of future corrections. Datasee.AI’s algorithms can also predict modifications to CAD based on construction progress, and newer revisions can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Robust Recommendations Engine

The platform uses thermal maps generated according to current IEC standards to provide insights on solar asset performance. It can also identify hot spots, provide businesses with site-specific remedial actions, and offer recommendations to reduce waste and maintain efficiency.

  • Bring All Stakeholders Together in a Single Pane

Datasee.AI bridges gaps in communication between different teams, thereby driving productivity and profits. From real-time messaging to marking out areas of interest, all stakeholders can collaborate on a single view.