• The Power Of Aerial Thermography

    Most photovoltaic module manufacturers guarantee 90% efficiency for 10 years, and 80% for 25 years. However, as a panel ages, gradual degradation occurs and one of the most significant causes is the module hotspot. This may occur due to high resistive joints, panel cracks, or a variety of other reasons. Abnormal weather conditions (lightning, storms), panel cell overheating, and other component failures can also lead to hotspots within a PV module.   An internal study concluded that hotspots can lead to a 16% loss of efficiency in a single module, and that they are the primary threat to PV modules. If …

  • How does construction quality monitoring software help prevent major rework during the initial phase of construction?

    Introduction Utility-scale solar construction projects start and break ground with a piling installation. The PV modules are mounted on a steel frame and installed in the ground with steel piles/poles. The poles are the primary supporting structure offering a firm foundation for the entire assembly, so they need to be built precisely as designed. Even a one-centimeter deviation from the accepted tolerance (+/-  defined from absolute)  can result in large reworks in the next phase of construction. This causes construction delays, and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Construction managers understand that it’s necessary to check the construction quality of …

  • Solar Construction Progress Monitoring – Case Study

  • Aerial Thermography Report: Global PV Inspection Report for 2020-2021

  • Datasee.AI automates every stage of infrastructure management in a single pane. Here’s why that matters.

    Companies that build assets spend a lot of money on their creations. Trillions of dollars have been poured into infrastructure assets since the industrial revolution. Many more millions are being spent on developing project or asset management software that is generally use-case specific. One issue that is often overlooked is the cost of poor infrastructure management brought about by siloed processes. Smart asset management requires an end-to-end approach that continuously tracks, monitors, and addresses issues across each stage of the assets’ lives – from ideation to operations and maintenance. This article discusses how businesses can leverage automation and AI to …

  • Lean Business Strategies to Help Weather The 3rd Wave

    In early 2020, market researchers by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) predicted a dip in demand for renewable energy, but in a surprising turn of events, the Solar Market Insights from Wood Mackenzie shows that large-scale solar developers logged record growth during the period. The ripple effects of the pandemic are still being felt worldwide, and friction points continue to emerge across the supply chain. When paired with yet another wave of the pandemic and a possibility of another lockdown, we’ve got a “perfect storm” brewing on the Solar PV industry’s horizon. Businesses need to make every dollar count by …

  • Solar Construction Progress Monitoring – Case Study


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