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Datasee.AI in Action
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1.Analyze detailed renders of your live projects with clarity

2.Gain a bird’s eye view of your asset at any time

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1.Instant checks on project progress

2.Get relevant project details in seconds

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1.Get personalised recommendations based on industry norms and trends

2.View a vibrant representation of key insights

3.Monitor asset performance/health against standards

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1.Track accurate statistics on all new developments

2.Track and compare progress between a chosen time range

3.Visually compare construction progress

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1.Allow different teams to work simultaneously

2.Upload your CAD designs

3.Improve communication to keep all stakeholders on the same page

Intuitive Visual Analytics

Move away from diversified data sources and embrace the world of fully brush-linked visualizations with Datasee.AI. Everyone on your team gets a seamless, single platform experience for visual analytics and point-and-click insights.

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Robust GeoAnalytics

Datasee.AI’s robust image analytics can accurately capture every detail of your project from terrain to project progress.

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Point-And-Click Insights

Get insights into the project status and progress, asset performance, problem areas and recommended solutions at a click of a button with Datasee.AI.

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Embed Intelligence Everywhere

Empower your team to make quicker, smarter decisions. Datasee.AI's simple dashboards and reporting features facilitate data transparency, increase collaboration, and ensure better teamwork.

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Vision Statement

To become a market leader in Enterprise AI through precise Visual Analytics.

Mission Statement

To drive increased profitability for our customers by adopting the best industry practices coupled with AI.

Datasee.AI in Action

Use Cases

Renewable Energy

  • Eliminate costly design mistakes
  • Track project progress and deviations
  • Optimize asset performance
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  • Digitize your process
  • Monitor crop health
  • Get tailored recommendations
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Optimized Branding

  • Standardize brand equity
  • Automate QA checks
  • Improve brand recall
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